Kona, Hawaii

The Big Island Highway Project

Merging Evolution and Environmental Awareness in Hawaii

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Shaun Barnes

C. Davis Fisher

Location 1 Plan:

Art Across America will kick off its first test project in Kona, Hawaii this summer. The Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority (NELHA) has offered the location for our first sculpture along HWY 19, about a mile south of the airport. We will work with the local community to build a vertical wind turbine sculpture. It will symbolize the motion of marine life with a DNA strand in the center that creates energy.

This project will be funded by donations only.

For more information on NELHA, please visit

After completing the test project in Kona, Art Across America will prepare for the first route across America with eight locations along Interstate 80. Each sculpture will be a six hour drive from the previous one.

When sculptures are completed, they become part of the local community. People will have learned more about alternative sources of energy, recycling, and how to work together to build whatever they can imagine.

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Press Releases:
Oakland, July 15th, 2008
續Art Across America蘗 launches nationwide "green art" project in Kona

Program Director: Jamie Vaida

Kona (NELHA) project photos


Hawaii (Kona) Sculpture in Action (horizontal) Video